Plastic Vs Glass Bottles

Plastic bottles are fast becoming the number one choice for holding liquids by most refreshment companies. The old fashion cans will still be around for a while but the question of whether glass is better than plastic for bottles is a debate that has been brought up quite a bit over the last decade.

Plastic bottles were never as popular as they are now, because in the past it was very difficult to manufacture them and even after all the effort of making them, they didn’t look as good as glass. On the other hand glass was first introduced to store refreshments and cold drinks ever since companies began to bottle liquids and try to sell them off. Glass bottles are generally thicker and much more heavy than their plastic counterparts.

The main reason why many shop keepers refuse to stock the old fashion glass bottles in their businesses is because of breakages. Plastic bottles can also break and leak, but they won’t shatter in the same way that glass does, once a glass bottle breaks it becomes very difficult to clean up all the pieces of glass, and this can become a health hazard because small sharp glass can actually cut someone who walks by and is not wearing shoes. Plastic bottles are definitely here to stay, and as much as people believe that glass will eventually be faded out, glass bottles will always have their place for certain beverages such as wine and champagne.